Working with the security industry

Cultivating Minds UK has worked with some key security providers helping them to equip staff with additional skills to support organisational aims and values. Those working in the security industry often work in ‘entertainment’ environments where alcohol is a factor which impedes on the customer experience.

Providing staff with awareness around issues such as sexual violence, alcohol related violence and domestic abuse will equip them with the necessary skills to support victims and challenge others. The acquisition of additional skills and knowledge aims also to help them to step into problematic situations with a range of safe options at hand.

Trainings will promote discussions on a range of social situations that can have a negative impact on the customer experience. It will look at the concept of “Bystander” and aims to provide employees with some practical strategies that can be used personally to both support and challenge others in difficult situations.

Workshops and trainings can be developed to address a variety of common issues faced by those working in the security industry.

Sessions can be developed to meet organisational requirements.

Sample Workshop Aims

The aim of the training is to equip staff with further knowledge and awareness around rape and sexual assault.  The training will discuss the idea of the ‘bystander approach’ supporting individuals to make effective decisions to help prevent rape, sexual assault and in support of organisational aims and values.

At the end of the training individuals will be able to:

  • Describe the role that they have in the prevention of sexual violence in Scotland.
  • Discuss the extent and impact of sexual violence in Scotland.
  • Recognise sexual violence and be able to identify “red flags” in your role
  • Discuss and challenge the myths that often contribute to victim blaming in society.
  • Understand their role when an individual makes a disclosure of sexual violence.