Working with businesses

Cultivating Minds UK has worked with a number of organisations to develop training materials that aim to support workplaces in developing leadership at all levels to prevent bullying and harassment.

Abuse in the workplace can produce many negative outcomes.  Poor relationships can lead to increased absenteeism as well as decreased productivity.  Retention of staff is impacted as well as organisational brand and reputation.


Creating conversations around these issues will work towards empowering a healthy majority and lessening the impact of these behaviours in the workplace setting.

Trainings will promote discussions on a range of social situations that can have a negative impact on the culture and performance in any organisation. It will look at the concept of “Bystander” and aims to provide employees with some practical strategies that can be used personally to both support and challenge colleagues in difficult situations.

In our lives, both inside and outside of work, we sometimes witness attitudes and/or behaviours that we don’t like or agree with.  It may be that they clash with our personal values, our organisational values or both.

The default can often be to “ignore” – walk away and remain silent even when it is a work colleague or friend that is involved or impacted. We might not see it as our business or our role to intervene.

Do we ever consider the consequences of our inaction?  What does our silence and inaction say to those involved or impacted?

Workshops and trainings can be developed to address a variety of common workplaces issues.  As well as targeting general employees, sessions can be developed to work with line-management and leadership in the organisation.

Sample Workshop Aims

  • Raise awareness around social issues that often impact negatively on workplace performance and organisational brand.
  • Challenge individual thinking that often conspires against bystander action and prevention.
  • Open a safe and supportive dialog to support learning outcomes.
  • Inspire individual leadership to prevent abuse