Working with sports teams

Cultivating Minds UK has worked with both professional and amateur sports teams in the UK and in the US.

“Distractions off the field of play can, if unchecked, quickly become distractions on the field”

Inappropriate social media use, the sharing of indecent images, domestic abuse and sexual violence are all issues that have, in the past, impacted negatively on sports men and women.

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As well as impacting on overall performance these issues present potential damage to brand and reputation for any sports team.

Making use of the Bystander approach, provides a focus on personal leadership.  This supports conversations amongst teams and individuals that improve awareness of around a range of social issues.

The training leads to the provision of a range of options that individuals can take to support team-mates and remove them from potentially challenging and unhealthy situations.  Team values and purpose remain at the centre of training sessions.

The training provided includes the provision of full-day, half-day or shorter sessions.

Sample session descriptors

Healthy vs. Abusive Relationships

This training will explore the components of healthy relationships and of unhealthy and abusive relationships.  As a foundation for the training, players will understand the role of power & control in defining an abusive relationship and then will define the types of respect and the types of abuse (verbal, emotional, physical & sexual) in relationships and brainstorm examples of each.  Players will learn to identify warning signs of unhealthy behaviours to empower them to use their leadership to help their teammates and friends.  They will have opportunities to show leadership through the activities & discussion. Players will discuss strategies to avoid abusive situations and to foster healthy relationships while developing concrete skills for preventing or interrupting abusive situations involving teammates.

Sexual Respect: Alcohol & Consent

This training deals “head-on” with the issue of sexual behavior and sexual consent.  Importantly, the training will initiate a discussion on the issues surrounding alcohol and sexual consent. This is a highly realistic and common dynamic of which many players have been participants, observers, or possibly survivors of assaults.  The training will examine the dangers and consequences of abusing alcohol and/or other drugs as they relate to sexual decision-making. More importantly, the trainers lead a discussion about male and female expectations regarding sex, and how alcohol can exacerbate those expectations.  Additionally, the importance of clear and effective communication is discussed. In conclusion, the group then focuses on the options available to them, how they can intervene in situations involving teammates and the responsibilities of all parties involved.