Working with Universities

Cultivating Minds UK has developed working relationships with a number of Universities and Colleges in the UK.

With experience working in both UK institutions as well as within the College system in the United States, Cultivating Minds is able to support the development of responses which support prevention work around bullying, domestic violence and all forms of sexual violence.  The training provided helps the provision of safe and supportive learning environments which support successful outcomes.

Group work, teams, success, leadership, bystander approach

Making use of the ‘Bystander approach’ the focus on personal leadership supports conversations amongst staff, student leaders as well as the general student population.

The training provided includes the provision of full-day, half-day or shorter sessions which seek to:

  • Raise awareness of bullying and sexual violence in UK,
  • Challenge Thinking on these issues,
  • Open dialog around these issues, and
  • Inspire individual and organisational leadership to help prevent bullying and sexual violence.

Example of 3-hour workshop.

The aim of the training is to equip members of university staff with further knowledge and awareness around rape and sexual assault including dealing with the disclosure of incidents.

At the end of the training individuals will be able to:

  • Describe the role that the University has in the prevention of sexual violence.
  • Discuss the extent and impact of sexual violence in UK.
  • Recognise sexual violence and be able to identify “red flags” in your role
  • Discuss and challenge the myths that often contribute to victim blaming in society.
  • Understand their role when an individual makes an initial disclosure of sexual violence.

Further trainings or key-note can be developed to engage university sports teams, associations and student unions.

A number of other issues can be included in trainings.  These include: problematic social media use, domestic violence, sexual harassment and language.