Cultivating Minds UK was developed by Graham Goulden, simply to create much needed conversations around issues that can impact negatively on learning, on business and sports success.  Graham Goulden, BA, is an experienced and committed leadership and violence prevention trainer.  For thirty years he was a Scottish police officer and Chief Investigator specialising in criminal investigation, drug investigation, training and crime prevention.

Leadership training Graham Goulden
Graham speaking at the 2017 Hero Roundtable event in Michigan

For the last eight years of policing career he was a Chief Inspector and a key member of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit. Respected across the world for its work in reducing violence, this innovative organisation brought a new approach to an age-old problem.  It was during this time that Graham was able to put right what had become an occurring issue for him during his policing career. Often, when interviewing people who had witnessed abuse and violence, Graham was met with the words, “I knew something was going to happen”.  His work within the unit supported him to develop approaches and programmes that help create conditions where good people can do good things when faced with challenging situations.

Graham is a passionate advocate of the bystander approach to help develop personal and organisational leadership to help create safe and supportive learning environments, workplaces and performance teams.   All of these environments face challenges which, if unchecked, can impact detrimentally on performance and reputation.  Empowering individuals within these settings to act, presents a great opportunity for any business, school, university or sports team to maintain focus on values and goals.  As they say the team that collectively is heading in the same direction will be the successful team.

Graham has delivered bystander prevention trainings in many different settings including high schools, colleges universities, in work places, in prisons, with military and police and with professional and amateur sports in the UK and United States.  Graham has worked with many different individuals and groups using bystander activities to develop personal leadership.  Graham has worked with hairdressers, dentists, vets, fire officers, police & prison officers, bar & security staff, the military as well as in local communities.

In addition, Graham has conducted numerous trainings and keynote speeches in Scotland, England, Wales, Sweden, and in the United States.  In addition to conducting bystander trainings, Graham has expert knowledge and experience in embedding violence prevention programmes within local government.  He has been able to build sustainable models for the longer term.

Graham is now a lead trainer with the US Active Bystander In Law Enforcement (ABLE) Programme that works with US Police Departments supporting them to train officers to intervene to reduce misconduct, reduce mistakes and support officer wellness and health.

Graham holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Studies and a Certificate in Training from Napier University, Edinburgh.  He lives in the Scottish Borders with his wife Allie and their dachshund Dolly.

Graham is also an associate trainer with