What We Do

Cultivating Minds can offer a variety of training that can be tailored to suit workplaces, education facilities and sport teams.



Cultivating minds offers schools training covering both students and teachers. Everything from leadership skills to treating each other with respect, helping to create stronger learning environments and preparing our young people for the future. All sessions for schools provide a focus on building the healthy norm that exists amongst young people.  Find out more.



With experience working in both UK institutions as well as within the College system in the United States, Cultivating Minds is able to support the development of responses which support prevention work around bullying, domestic violence and all forms of sexual violence.

The training provided helps the provision of safe and supportive learning environments which support successful outcomes. Find out more.



Cultivating Minds UK has worked with both professional and amateur sports teams in the UK and in the US.

Inappropriate social media use, the sharing of indecent images, domestic abuse and sexual violence are all issues that have, in the past, impacted negatively on sports men and women. As well as impacting on overall performance these issues present potential damage to brand and reputation for any sports team. Find out more.



Cultivating Minds UK has worked with a number of organisations to develop training materials that aim to support workplaces in developing leadership at all levels to prevent bullying and harassment.

Abuse in the workplace can produce many negative outcomes.  Poor relationships can lead to increased absenteeism as well as decreased productivity.  Retention of staff is impacted as well as organisational brand and reputation. Find out more.

Security Industry

Leaders, future, generation

Cultivating Minds UK has worked with some key security providers helping them to equip staff with additional skills to support organisational aims and values. Those working in the security industry often work in ‘entertainment’ environments where alcohol is a factor which impedes on the customer experience. Find out more.