Bystander Approach

In recent years Graham has accumulated a wealth of experience which has supported him in developing much needed conversations across many different settings.  Graham has learned from the best, making use of his experiences working with US Educator Jackson Katz.

Bystander Approach, MVP

The bystander approach by Graham does not simply aim to teach others how to intervene.  It is an approach that is used to create much needed conversations around behaviour and social norms.  Removing the traditional ‘victim, perpetrator’ approach, Graham is able engage audiences in conversations which cover a variety of social issues.  The bystander approach used by Graham is a strategy to re-enforce the already existent pro-social norms that exist in society.

The style of training delivered by Graham supports the healthy majority which we know exists in society.

Graham identifies individuals, more as the solution than as the problem.  The result is dynamic and powerful conversations that reassure groups that healthy individual attitudes are in fact the norm and more often than not shared by the group.

It is this reassurance that supports individuals be the friend, work-colleague and team-mate that they simply want to be.