Like a dripping tap…

When it comes to “Is the glass half empty?” I’m a glass full type of guy.

For me the prevention of violence, is a bit like a dripping tap, which if allowed to continue, will fill the glass eventually making it overflow.

When I meet with groups and organisations I use the analogy of the dripping tap a lot when discussing how to make their cultures safer and free from abuse.

For me the filling glass represents the organisation moving forward whilst allowing it overflow simply represents the flow back into communities.  Employees all get time off so it seems obvious that we make use of this new learning when they mix with families, friends and others in their communities.

I tend to focus on three areas

  • Purpose
  • Knowledge
  • Reassurance

A purpose is simply the why.

Why is it important we discuss these issues?

What would the outcome be if we talk more about these issues?

What would the benefits be?

The knowledge is as it says.  Knowledge comes from asking questions.  The why and the what are vital.  We all need to “Do the knowledge”

Reassurance is needed.  For many the thought of putting themselves above the parapet is a scary and fraught with danger.  Reassurance comes from listening to others and hearing their views.  More often than not we find out we agree with each other.  We don’t’ need to be told the truth, we just need to be reassured that what we know is the truth.

Put all of these together we have a plan to make a difference in the world.

An area of personal interest and one that I see following the areas I describe above, centres on the subject of Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE’s).  These ‘experiences’ we know from evidence often produce negative outcomes through the life course of an individual.  The more ACEs we have the higher the probability.  We know that ACEs can be lethal.

For the past few months the film ‘Resilience’ has been touring Scotland. It has been viewed in schools, community centres, cinemas as well as in many other settings.  It has been watched by both professionals and those who simply have an interest.  The discussions that follow help individuals “Do the knowledge”.

The questions help reassure people that its ok to talk about ACEs in a way that we have never done before.  As the MP Jo Cox once said, “We have more in common than that which divides us”

The numerous screenings of this film further communicate a Scotland with a purpose.  We recognise that ACEs are not inevitable and are entirely preventable.  We also recognise that even with one or more ACEs the negative outcomes don’t have to happen.  We know that the demons can be countered with Angels.

We now know that these angels come in many different forms.

The film Resilience has supported a focus which has long since filled the glass.  The glass is now overflowing and continuing to do so as the film and the discussions continue.

As someone once said, “Start from where you are and just keep moving forward”.  Scotland sets itself to be the “Best place to grow up”.  Let’s use our new lens to move forward with the reassurance that many others share our sense of purpose.

Merry Christmas.

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